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New! Ultra Long Range 0.3m up to 1'000m

A new RFID Reader and Tag series for a wide range of ultra long range applications in asset or event tagging.

The TM-Series of Active Tags are powered by an internal battery. The Tag will, for the duration of its life, transmit a Radio Frequency (RF) signal at a pre-set time-interval. Depending on settings, battery size and application the Tag life is estimated at 3 to 5 years The lifespan of the Tag ends when the battery life is exhausted. Battery status can be inferred by interrogating the internal Tag Age Counter Value.


Short Range and Mid Range Products

Reader / Encoder for short range applications for distances up to 20cm.

TagTester and a new TagAnalyzer equipment for production lines

Starter Kits

Large assortment of OEM terminals and handheld computers for all kind of media as RFID 125kHz & 13.56MHz.

ID-Equipment as Barcode Scanner, Laser, Magnetic Cards and other.

Medium and Long Range Products


Readers / Encoders for distances up to 60 cm for medium range antennas and up to 1.2m or even 2m with A6-size tag for long range antennas

Tag-Tester for SmartCard, Transponder, Tag and Label-Manufacturers or OEM.
Introduction to RFID

NEW Legic Power Booster

The Legic long-range boosters allows for a comfortable and secure access into a protected campus or security area.

By using the Legic booster, a remote control of gates and doors for the existing access control systems can be achieved.

The Mifare Booster is available soon.

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Transponder, Labels, Protocols

RFID-media 125kHz, 13.56 MHz, Tags, Transponders Smart Labels, Smart Cards


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